October 2012 part two

 We had a great harvest of pumpkins.  It was very fun to pick them with the kids.  They love looking at all of the colors and sizes.

 This is Eve wearing Laura's engagement ring.  She was very excited for Laura to get married.....even though she frowned and glared in every picture that was actually taken for the wedding.  haha.
 "Pumpkins for sale!"  Heber and Jack sold a bunch of the pumpkins.  It was adorable to watch them sell the pumpkins.  Heber said, "Alright, if we are going to sell these, we are going to have to work for it."  (He had a lot of lemonade selling the previous summer.)  Jack and Heber would take turns holding up the pumpkin sign and yelling 'Pumkins for sale' every time a car went by.  Very cool.

 We went to Lagoon.  The kids love going and thanks to our favorite aunt Michele, we get in for free! :)  It's the best.
 I love Eve's hair......Hide those scissors folks.  :)

 And then came Pinterest.  :)  I love pinterest.  I resisted it for awhile because I thought it would just be a waste of time.  I guess you could go crazy with it, but goodness it is such a great way to organize and learn.  These are a couple of my first projects.

 This was on our anniversary this year.  We went and hiked the Y.  It was very fun.
 All of the kids in their Halloween costumes.  Alison is the fifth one to be that pumpkin. 
 Casey and Clint finally moved from Ogden!  This was all of the grand kids sitting in order of age.  They were very helpful in the moving process.

 After our regular harvest party this year, Isaac asked if anyone wanted to go kayak at the park.  It was a perfect autumn day.  It was such a blast.

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