We get to have dinner with Grandpa Jack every once in awhile.  Here is a picture of all of the kids with him.  He even broke out his harmonica and played while the kids danced.
 This is Alison, even though it doesn't really look like her.
 The kids and I daringly went to Costco.  I hardly EVER attempt to go to a store with all four of the young kids....especially without Heber to help.  After I got out of the van and was prepping my game plan for shopping a guy stopped me and told me my tire was flat.  I had no idea. 

There I was with four kids and a flat tire.  Luckily, Brian had just gotten out of the temple and he was on his way.  I went in and did my shopping while he took the van to get fixed.  However, the van was not going to be usable again for a few hours.  We had to load up four kids and all of our Costco goods into our little metro.  Our house is just up the road, so we didn't have to go far, but wow!  We get a lot of use out of our second 'car.'  Brian has started to hate that car though too. :)  I'm very excited about that.   It has been good to us.
 This last school year we did a joy school with a bunch of ladies in the neighborhood.  This picture is at their 'graduation.'  They are great kids and Eve LOVED preschool.
 Notice Ella in this picture.  Haha.  She got a picture and stood close to the other kids.  She was quite the active participant when we had preschool at our house.
 This is Jack's dance festival.  I can't believe he is already done with kindergarten.  He did such a great job learning in Mrs. Williams' class.
I didn't have any pictures of Heber's dance, just video.  It is an awesome video too.  Heber was awesome dancing his feet off and then at the end their teacher came out dressed up and did a dance.  The kids and parents were busting up.  It is a great video.   Heber.  4th grade.  What the heck.

Things I can't forget

As I'm sure you have noticed, I haven't been that great at keeping up our blog since we've had our....fourth child I believe.  However, I want it kept up so after the whirlwind of having little kids is over I will still have an account of their precious little years. 

To make sure these little things aren't just lost, I keep a note on my phone entitled 'blog' that I update when I see something happen that I want blogged. :) Here are a few things that have happened that I do not want to forget.

Back in the day when Jack spoke Jackanese we took him to the first Chipmuck movie.  In the movie, Dave is notorious for yelling, "ALVIN!!!"   Jack really picked up on it and at the end of the movie, in the movie theatre Jack yelled, "ALGABIN!!!!!"   He kept yelling that at home too any time he wanted to make people laugh.  Unfortunately, he will only yell Alvin now and he doesn't believe that he would ever say algabin. 

We have been watching a lot of Dora lately.  Eve and Ella enjoy it a lot and the boys tolerate it.  (I think they secretly like it.)  One day I overheard a conversation between Jack and Eve.  Eve was sitting on the couch looking at a magazine, which she loves to do, and Jack said, "I hate Dora."  To which Eve casually replied, "Why would you hate Dora?  She's great.  She saves the day."  :)

This summer we have been working through some workbooks to keep the kid's minds going.  One of the homework assignments had Heber put compound words together from a list of words.  One of the clues was 'spiky fruit'.  He couldn't figure it out and he handed it to me to see if I could help.  In the word bank, the only words that seemed to fit at all with spiky and fruit were apple and pine.  So I said, "Just write apple pine.  I've never heard of it, but that's the only thing that makes sense."  Heber agreed and wrote applepine on his worksheet.  A few minutes later I was thinking about all of the exotic fruits I just don't know much about and I thought, "Hmmmm, maybe it isn't even apple pine, maybe it is the other way around like pine apple."  hahahah.  And then I realized that pineapple was actually quite familiar!  Heber and I still get a good laugh at how we didn't even think of that as an option.

This summer we will often put the girls to bed and then let the boys go outside and play night games or just run around and enjoy the night temperatures.  One night Jack wanted to stay in and do a craft with me and Heber left to the park by himself.  Soon after Heber left, Jack finished his craft and wanted to leave.  He's not allowed to walk himself to the park and he had to stay home.  He was pretty bummed that he didn't leave earlier with Heber. 
When Heber got home Jack was on the couch looking at a magazine (again with a magazine!)  Jack peered over the top of the magazine and casually said, "Nice to see you again Heber."  hahahah.  Heber and I were busting up.  Jack still didn't think it was very funny.  I love the phrases he picks up and puts in perfect situations. 

Funny Girl

Eve loves electronics.  She has been swiping people's phones since she could walk.  She will often pretend that random things are her iPod or iPad.  Last night she had a cutting board that was the size of an iPad and she insisted on having Ella read from her iPad while we were reading scriptures.  haha.  It was great.  Her hand motions are perfect for the pretend iPad.  She even tapped the top right corner to close out when it was time for prayers.  haha.  I love her imagination.

Most nights it is a struggle to get the kids in bed and get them to stay in bed. Tonight was no different.  From Eve's room I could hear her knock on her door and yell, "Hello?  Is anyone there?  It's Eve." 


The Banana Store

Jack brings home a worksheet almost every day where he practices a new word.  First he traces over the word.  Then he writes the word himself.  He then reads a sentence using the word and then writes the missing word.  At the end of the assignment he writes his own sentence using the word.  This particular assignment the word was 'going.'

We worked on all of the other steps and then I left him to complete the sentence alone while I started the dishes.  This is what I heard:

"Mmmyyyyyyy.....mmmmoooooommmmm.........iiiiiiisssss........ggg  ooooo  iinnng......  Mom?  How do you spell banana?"

Hahah!  I was like, 'You are quite perceptive young man.   Your mom is indeed going bananas!' 

I tell him how to spell bananas and he said,  "No, not bananas.  My mom is going to the banana store."  haha.  Whatever that is.  A banana store?  haha. 

But yes, our new terminology for someone completely loosing their mind is they are taking a trip to the banana store. 


February 2013

 Here are a few pictures Martha took of the birthday season.  Heber fell a few days before and hit his face on frozen melted snow.  Here he is playing legos with grandpa. 

 Thank you pinterest for great and easy cake ideas. :)

 We got Heber a nook for his birthday.  He was so excited!  Thanks to Brian's mad computer skills, he had it just how I wanted it.  It has books and games, and occasionally we can put a movie on it for him to watch.   He's getting so old.

 Cute Ella.  She loves dancing to the wiggles.

January 2013

 It was super cold this January and February.  There was no shortage of icicles this year.
 Christmas was wonderful.  We didn't go anywhere and we played with our toys and enjoyed each other.  It was the best day ever!  After the kids went to bed, Brian got out a puzzle.  I freaked out the day before because we can never play games or puzzles or anything that can be knocked off the table.  It drives me nuts!  He had it all ready to go when the 'destroying angels' were put to bed.
 Martha came home!  It was a blast at the airport and I don't think I have been that excited for something in a long time.  She is wonderful!  It is so great to have her back.
 Pretty Ella Bell.
Sarah, Marf, and if they'd never been separated. 
 Laura, Martha, and I went to get pedicures the day before Laura got married.  It was quite fun, but Martha wasn't quite the party she normally is because she got crazy back pains right in time for Laura's wedding.
 Laura married Tyler Trevenen a week after Martha got home.  It was a very fun week.

 We had our six month dental checks in January.  Everyone got x-rays and cleanings and no one had cavities!  Love that.  Three days later Heber called from school saying that his tooth hurt.  Sure it hurts developed a cavity in three days.... Sure.  I called the dentist the next day to see if they did something to his gums or something.  They had us bring him in and it turns out that he did develop an abscess under his tooth in three days and he got his tooth pulled!  So crazy!  I'm glad I called the dentist and had them check it out.  I felt so bad that he had been in pain. 
Eve is hilarious.  Brian went out one night with Heber and Jack.  While they were out Brian bought me a present and didn't want Jack or Heber to say anything about it to me.  The next day Jack started to say something and Brian told him to keep his mouth shut or he was going to be in trouble.  About forty seconds later Eve said, "Mom!  Jack opened his mouth!"   Yep, she really thought that Jack was going to be in trouble if he opened his mouth.  I can just imagine her sitting there staring at his mouth just knowing he had to open it sooner or later and she was going to make sure we knew when that happened.  Love her.

December 2012

 Jack. I can't get enough of this boy.  He's awesome.
 We made some shirts for Martha and Jared with the kids' hand prints on them.  We decided it would be funny to put a face print on the back of Jared's shirt.  haha!
 My mom made Christmas pillowcases for all of the grand kids with their names sewn on them.  They love them.
 Another year putting up the tree.  They always argue who gets to put on the star.
 Fun photo ops at Scheels. 
 Yep Jack.  It still fits.
 Heber, Lexi, and Madeline went crazy with the gingerbread challenge.  It was a whole pile of graham crackers when they were done with it.
This is Heber at one of his Christmas programs.  He did an awesome job.
 We had a cousin day at our house and made these yummy reindeer cookies. 
 This is when Eve cut her hair.  One night I went to check on them before I went to sleep.  I saw some scissors by their door and thought to myself how glad I was that no one had cut their own hair yet.  The next morning Eve came out and I thought her hair looked a little funny, but I just thought she had put it in an elastic or something.  I was sitting at the table eating breakfast and she was talking to me.  Then she turned around and ran into the living room.  That's when I saw it.  I yelled, "NOOOOOOO!"  The kids freaked out that I'd be so upset about something.  haha.  But yes, she cut it.  She thought she'd be able to glue it back on.  She could have done a lot worse, but it was pretty sad. 
 The picture below is after Laura cut it and fixed it.  It looked pretty cute.   I think Eve was pretty uncomfortable with all of the attention of her actions.  She was pretty sad that her hair wasn't long like a princess.  I told her it was short like Tinkerbell.  The next day she was like, "Mom!  Tinkerbell has long hair!  It is just up in a ponytail!"  So sad.  But at least the new Tinkerbell movie had come out and Periwinkle did infact have short hair.
 Ella in her angel costume with her tutu underneath it.  haha.  Love her bubble bum.
Jack's kindergarten Christmas program was possibly one of the best Christmas presents ever.  He stood on the very end and we were a few rows from the front.  He was awesome!   He is so stinking cute.

 Cute kids acting out the nativity scene wearing the cool costumes my mom made this year.  It seems like we always have a baby in our family to be baby Jesus. 

 I love Heber's super cool shepherd costume.
 The Goodwin Christmas party.  The last two years we've had a morning party where everyone brings breakfast food.  It is soo yummy and so fun to see our huge family.  They are so fun.  The kids love it!
 We got to talk to Martha and Jared on Christmas Eve.  I love skype and it is so fun to talk with them.
 Look how excited Heber is!  We got a dog at the beginning of November.  We'd been looking in to getting a dog since last March.  We were planning on getting a puppy in the Spring, but we found a female, fawn mastiff in American Fork and thought we just couldn't pass it up. They loved it for the first day or so.....and so did I.  She grew SO fast.   Yes, a mastiff will do that.  We trained her and had an indoor dog for three months.  I'm pretty proud of myself that I accomplished that.  But babies and puppies is just not a good idea.  I had no extra time whatsoever.  She was a sweet dog though.  We named her Aslan because she would be as big as a lion.  We sold her to another mastiff owner with a full grown mastiff named Simba.

 Alison and her cousin Corbin.  She loved playing with him.