From Brian:

We googled it. 

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Yep folks. This is my son.

Michelle Proctor Jones Seriously, I busted up when I saw it! Those granite flats glasses and krispy kreme hats made for some awesome pictures.
Laralee Griffin Proctor I LOVE it. Jack is the best.
Isaac Proctor Oh my, Jack is quite a character. You guys should buy Parker's and have Jack be the cleaning crew. Oh wait, child labor laws. Never mind! tongue emoticon

Paul Mehr This is great!
Brian Jones Love that boy. smile emoticon
Teresa Villalobos Taylor This is such a great looking retro photo if Jack! Great expression!


We may have gone a little overboard on the chocolate. When Ella opened her chocolate bunny she said, "Oooooo yes."

Aimee Jones Stephens Haha. Hey! You still have the dog!
Michelle Proctor Jones It's an Easter miracle!
Steven Proctor With the look on her face and chocolate, I say she's a happy girl.wink emoticon


Alison is our only child who doesn't cuddle the dog. But the dog keeps trying to cuddle her. 

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Heber's new sleeping buddy. ‪#‎BestDogEver‬

Michelle Proctor Jones She is two. Such a great dog.
Colleen Connolly So nice. We are waiting for that stage. Glad you are enjoying her. She is cute.
Michelle Proctor Jones Yeah, we couldn't handle a puppy right now. She's so mellow!
Christine Wimmer smile emoticon so fun!!!


I love this little girl.

Aimee Jones Stephens That little face says it all! TROUBLE!!
Brian Jones She's sooooo crazy, yet so amazing. smile emoticon


Coolest mothers day present I've ever gotten. Sure it's almost a year late, but so cool!! I'm growing herbs in my basement!......that sounds bad.wink emoticon‪#‎clickandgrow‬ ‪#‎lovekickstarter‬.

Scott Taylor That's not legal in Utah yet!
Michelle Proctor Jones I'd love to be more open with my herb growing and grow them in the kitchen, but it would be destroyed by my little ones. smile emoticon
Joseph Snell I thought, wow! 2 months early. Then I read the rest... Great present. "Herbs" go for a lot here in the Bay Area:)
Steven Proctor Glad you explained what that is, I thought is was somethun different.