The Banana Store

Jack brings home a worksheet almost every day where he practices a new word.  First he traces over the word.  Then he writes the word himself.  He then reads a sentence using the word and then writes the missing word.  At the end of the assignment he writes his own sentence using the word.  This particular assignment the word was 'going.'

We worked on all of the other steps and then I left him to complete the sentence alone while I started the dishes.  This is what I heard:

"Mmmyyyyyyy.....mmmmoooooommmmm.........iiiiiiisssss........ggg  ooooo  iinnng......  Mom?  How do you spell banana?"

Hahah!  I was like, 'You are quite perceptive young man.   Your mom is indeed going bananas!' 

I tell him how to spell bananas and he said,  "No, not bananas.  My mom is going to the banana store."  haha.  Whatever that is.  A banana store?  haha. 

But yes, our new terminology for someone completely loosing their mind is they are taking a trip to the banana store. 

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Amanda said...

Bwhaahaha! So cute!